International Logistics & Risk Prevention

Consulting & Training: Logistics and Prevention of Occupational Risks

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Import & Export.
Safety Training.

Convinced that logistics is a vector of competitiveness for SMEs / SMIs (manufacturers, traders, importers, exporters, distributors, transporters ...), my goal as a consultant-trainer specialized in international logistics and occupational risk prevention, is to enable client companies to :


          -  enhance tools for import and export operations,

          -  reduce their supply, storage and distribution costs,

          -  rationalize their logistic tool (warehousing, order picking),

          -  develop the risk prevention to avoid workplace accidents.


Pragmatic, my actions are guided by the implementation of operational logistics to answer clients demands by focusing on teamwork and respecting the values of each company.

Mastery of tools for export:

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- Management of customs and administrative operations

- Management of air, sea and road transport

- International payment methods

Cost Monitoring

Mastery of storage and

warehousing operations :


- Inventory and Supply Chain Management

- Storage management

Productivity Gains

Assessment of risks related to physical activity :

Training about the prevention of occupational risks (Acteur PRAP IBC)

Ensure the ergonomy  of the workplace and handling operations

Sensibilisation to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)



Safety procedures


Preparation of orders


International Transport



Flow Control