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Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders MSDs

The prevention of risks linked to physical activity is an essential parameter to take into account in the operation of a logistics warehouse or an industrial site because the handling operations are very strong, repetitive and the working conditions are not always optimal.


It is essential to identify and list the causes that can be at the origin of accidents, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) or even psychic (stress, state of fatigue, loss of motivation ...) because there is a huge potential for improving working conditions and productivity through the application of ergonomic and practical solutions at low cost.


The PRAP IBC training aims to make every employee of the company a player in risk prevention, for himself and his close environment, to reduce accidents at work and occupational diseases.


Possibility of adapting training to the tertiary sector

Safety Training PRAP IBC

Prevention of Occupational Risks

PRAP  IBC  training

2 non-consecutive days, ie 14 hours according to the

INRS  referential

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MSDs Awareness Training

1 day, ie 7 hours

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Observation : 1/3 of accidents and 2/3 of occupational diseases are due to physical activity